Guest Authors

Steve North

Steve North These author questions and answers have been a great source of inspiration to me. In the answers, there is a sort of confirmation, to roll with what ever is going on in my head when creativity is concerned. MAURIA presents images of a society divided. One depending on the other and maybe a communion… Continue reading Steve North

Guest Authors

Juan Carlos Cantú

Juan Carlos Cantú Today's post is provided by Juan Carlos Cantú author of Age Warfare. His book, a fiction novel feels much like non-fiction. As our planet, our society, our world continue to be in peril's way, a message is offered. Although Age Warfare is a fantasy novel,  reading Juan's intentions that led to his… Continue reading Juan Carlos Cantú



Vision, with all the senses, can easily cast beauty. Crossing, a line in the sand. Senses stir, a provocative plan. A single moment in time Eyes, to see the beauty. Beautiful. Danger, a warning, even so, no heeding, Too powerful and alluring, Keep going, proceeding. Other senses, to be sure. Determined. Justified. Touch, to feel.… Continue reading Beauty