Book Reviews

Born A Crime

  Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah One of my favorite late night comedy talk shows is The Daily Show and I adore Trevor Noah. His style and sense of humor can lift my spirit and make me laugh even after the worse day. I expected some of the same… Continue reading Born A Crime


I Am an Old Woman

  Old woman close your eyes. Do not look and try not to cry, as they rationalize.. Your right to work, Your right to vote, Your right to choose Your right to say no! Your right to fight. We've sat on juries and heard both sides. It may be over looked but not always our right. Until 1971 a… Continue reading I Am an Old Woman


Paint Your Patriotism

I am numb where patriotism is concerned and I hope this feeling subsides. For awhile I stopped expressing my opinion about the election. Of course I've known all along I live among conservatives. However, I guess I really did not understand the severity of standing up and speaking out for human rights. In my mind's eye, I… Continue reading Paint Your Patriotism