Spring! In spite of things!

It's Spring they tell me. Is it really? It doesn't quite feel like it just yet. Things are still bleak and bare. The buds are showing, with a closer look. We have to wait. The weather seems to be fighting the whole thing. Attempts have been made. Bulbs have been set. Plans are even in… Continue reading Spring! In spite of things!


French Toast

It is on Sunday And mostly late in the day Scent buttery sweet A ride in the car and the roof all the way down Light blue eyes and sky What lasts forever? All of this turns to rubble After time weathers Charred and burned on stove with baby boy on her hip Smoke a… Continue reading French Toast

Guest Authors

Steve North

Steve North These author questions and answers have been a great source of inspiration to me. In the answers, there is a sort of confirmation, to roll with what ever is going on in my head when creativity is concerned. MAURIA presents images of a society divided. One depending on the other and maybe a communion… Continue reading Steve North