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Paint Your Patriotism


I am numb where patriotism is concerned and I hope this feeling subsides. For awhile I stopped expressing my opinion about the election. Of course I’ve known all along I live among conservatives. However, I guess I really did not understand the severity of standing up and speaking out for human rights. In my mind’s eye, I see people painting patriotism to suit their own agendas.

The Jesus I was taught about would love everyone today and would be tolerant. Does that really sound surprising? Why are Christians so accepting to everything that Donald Trump says and does? On one hand it is preached to love one another. They pray people will find their way to God. Then, on the other hand, they are accepting every thing that Donald Trumps says and does. That is completely baffling to me.

People manifest hate enough every day. We do not need someone in an authority position, namely a President of the United States, to advocate such nonsense.

We all know the things Trump has said. We all know how wrong those things are. Why are these things cheered and used to make him bigger than life. He simply is not afraid to show his side of hate.

Since Donald Trump announced he was running, I have put up with the remarks of everyone around me supporting him and his ideals. Not once have I thought anything he said sounded like a good idea. The reason I have kept quiet has been out of respect for my family, I suppose. I was trying to not add fuel to fire.

After the tape was released of Donald Trump making crude remarks about violating women and being able to get away with it because of his celebrity, I wrote the following.

There are people that are hurting and Trump is making them believe he will ease their pain. I believe that man could not care any less about individuals in my country and our pain. It would be a beautiful thing to convince his supporters that he can not and will not do what he promises. Unless…. our democracy becomes a monarchy or communist.

If he is elected, I hope he does not try to do things his way. If he does he will be setting this country back. The simple fact that he has gotten this far has set us back.

What I believe is due to what he has said himself and I believe Trump wants a genocide. He will do it by building a wall, kicking ‘them’ out of here, closing us in to live by his set of rules. In his head, he knows better than anyone around him. Doesn’t that worry anyone out there?

I’m reading the same information that his voters are. I see the same news broadcasts. I just don’t get it. When I hear the inappropriate locker-room banter and the disgraceful remarks that he has made about almost everyone, I am not laughing. It’s not right and it’s not ok. Turning the other cheek on this for any issue or policy is beyond ethical or moral.

I’ve heard a lot of folks say he is not a politician. Maybe so. Should that really be so appealing?

When people say all politicians are liars and when Trump says he heard worse from Bill Clinton on the golf course,  none of that settles my mind.

I lose my faith in humanity more and more everyday. We should not be accepting this because someone else has done it, or that boys will boys. WE MUST demand more from those seeking office, across the board.

From my perspective, most folks live by ‘swallow an elephant, gag on a gnat’ anyway. It is all so sickening that where to begin is too fogged by this smoke screen of an election. Right now it is difficult to find a beginning point. The one and only thing that I am 100% sure of is building a wall around Donald Trump to keep him out of the Presidency.

It did not go over well. My family and friends do not agree with me. They hate Hillary Clinton to a degree that they are willing to accept absolutely everything that Donald Trump does or says. Most are convinced she is going to take away our 2nd Amendment and everyone is fed up with the healthcare system. In trying to get more support for Trump, memes about Hillary freeing a rapist and all of Bill’s women circulate like wildfire.  All one has to do is mention deleted emails or Benghazi and a flood of hate is abound. Most of which are lies.

At one point I was so fed up that I was not even going to vote. Then I started to think of the women that have gone before me. Their fight for women and for women to have the right to vote. I also did not want to be a blind voter and simply vote the party. It was important for me to believe that I was casting a vote for the right choice.

Every time I read something negative about Hillary, I would investigate to get the facts. I found that almost everything that is said against Hillary Clinton are lies, or half truths with a spin and for the most part can be debunked. The key is doing the research which I think most Americans do not do. Americans seem to rely on bias news broadcasts, fake articles, facebook memes and ads no matter how negative they are, they simply are believed.

Since doing my research, I can truly say I’M WITH HER!  It has not been an easy choice and it is not one made simply because someone said so. My vote will be cast with conviction that She is the right woman for the job. I truly want to be patriotic again and I want to paint mine with a future of growth and progress. My country is a melting pot of diversity. Why would I vote to change that?

If by the unfortunate event Donald Trump wins, there are many fundamental rights at stake that few seem to be considering. A wall can not be built without creating division. And, when the witch hunts begin, pray that your neighbor does not turn you in for harboring illegals. Pray that your home is not invaded by the deportation task force. Pray no one is accidentally shot and killed. And pray no one is violated for the color of their skin, their religion or their sexual preference, inadvertently of course.

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I Am Afraid.

Hate written out in red beads

The ugliness of the world feels as if it is swallowing us up. Those around me seem to all have different opinions as to what that truly is. Maybe that is where it grows strength, in keeping incognito and not being known for its origin or how to deal with it. A level of hatred is being manifested to an unbelievable degree. I personally have never felt anything like this in all my life.

The more I take a stand for what I believe in the more afraid I become. Is it everywhere? Is it only in the United States or is the entire planet suffocating as mouths are filled with vile detest of their fellow man? Lungs are taking in the smog of hateful thoughts while we try to move in the thick muck of jealousy, malice and greed. Instead of plowing land to feed one another we are plowing the earth to destroy her.

The only way out of this sludge we crawl in is to rise above it. Rise up and stand up! We must fight for ourselves, fight for others and be the voice for those that are unable to speak! If we stop now we may very well be swallowed up completely by the murky waters that flood our minds as we zone out voices of reason.

The hateful should not have a voice. We should not listen to any form of hate no matter how important the one spewing it seems to be. Many in the world were lost to those that have practiced hate in the past. Look back at the lessons that should have been learned. Move forward with a destination of peace, gratitude and tolerance for all life.

If we are unable to take off the blind fold of hate, we may very well seize to exist. All of us must open our eyes to what is happening around us and be afraid.


Photo by Penywise