Guest Writers

Steve North

Steve North These author questions and answers have been a great source of inspiration to me. In the answers, there is a sort of confirmation, to roll with what ever is going on in my head when creativity is concerned. MAURIA presents images of a society divided. One depending on the other and maybe a communion… Continue reading Steve North


The Trees

  Haiku: The Trees Tree touches my soul, with its branches completely still. Splendor, none compares.     Photo by @kirillz


I Am Afraid.

The ugliness of the world feels as if it is swallowing us up. Those around me seem to all have different opinions as to what that truly is. Maybe that is where it grows strength, in keeping incognito and not being known for its origin or how to deal with it. A level of hatred is being manifested… Continue reading I Am Afraid.


Blessed Earth

Ground beneath my feet. Bring life. Fertility. Of your bosom. Summons. Calling of thee. Stir. Blessed Earth. Nourish. Fruition. Dirt in my nails. Growth of all things. Life to death. Blessed Earth. Hold my body to yours, firmly. My feet touch to your ground. Planted. Soil, nurtures, feeds. Sow, work, planting seeds. Blessed Earth. Creatures… Continue reading Blessed Earth