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I Am Afraid.

Hate written out in red beads

The ugliness of the world feels as if it is swallowing us up. Those around me seem to all have different opinions as to what that truly is. Maybe that is where it grows strength, in keeping incognito and not being known for its origin or how to deal with it. A level of hatred is being manifested to an unbelievable degree. I personally have never felt anything like this in all my life.

The more I take a stand for what I believe in the more afraid I become. Is it everywhere? Is it only in the United States or is the entire planet suffocating as mouths are filled with vile detest of their fellow man? Lungs are taking in the smog of hateful thoughts while we try to move in the thick muck of jealousy, malice and greed. Instead of plowing land to feed one another we are plowing the earth to destroy her.

The only way out of this sludge we crawl in is to rise above it. Rise up and stand up! We must fight for ourselves, fight for others and be the voice for those that are unable to speak! If we stop now we may very well be swallowed up completely by the murky waters that flood our minds as we zone out voices of reason.

The hateful should not have a voice. We should not listen to any form of hate no matter how important the one spewing it seems to be. Many in the world were lost to those that have practiced hate in the past. Look back at the lessons that should have been learned. Move forward with a destination of peace, gratitude and tolerance for all life.

If we are unable to take off the blind fold of hate, we may very well seize to exist. All of us must open our eyes to what is happening around us and be afraid.


Photo by Penywise