Grey Dreams

On the horizon rests a promise of more, when tomorrow comes. A new day, heated and bright, rays of hope sailing over the cloudy grey. A grey possibly only within the mind, and not shading a perfect sky of blue. That promise, is it real or just a dream, something made up and something that… Continue reading Grey Dreams


Clutching Peace

Today, every reason I had, every objection, all worry, doubt and concern, lay in a deep puddle of what feels like, a wasted effort. There is a part of me that wants to write explicitly about it, but more importantly, I want to have hope that we all can work through it.   Photo by clarita  

Photographs, Poetry

My Bonsai Haiku

Bonsai before me, with its green leaves shimmering. A life in a jar. Writing poetry is my favorite form of writing. It allows me a way to dig deep into myself and release emotional stress and feelings, that other wise probably would be retained and pent-up. All forms of poetry is wonderful writing exercises and… Continue reading My Bonsai Haiku