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All feels so stagnantwhat a stale tomorrow brings,we are off-the-wallstill, lift the blind and windowstill, let in light and fresh air Today, a national emergency has been declared. Starting Monday all schools are closed in Ohio. No fans, no audiences, no crowds allowed. No toilet paper! Everything is so strange right now. Tanka31 Syllables5-7-5-7-7


White Pumpkin Magick

Magick is not required to enjoy these tasty treats. This little ditty of mine, to record a memory and keep how wonderful this season and my big pumpkin of white. And, some sweet witchery for those that might like. Lumina, Cotton Candy, Hooligan, Full Moon, Polar Bear, Albino Pumpkin, Ghost Pumpkin, Snowball, Casper, Baby Boo,… Continue reading White Pumpkin Magick