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Super Powers of the Moon

My photos were taken at different times and locations for the last few evenings, nights and early mornings.
These are my favorites with a few words put together that were inspired. It was a wonderful gift to see that moon.
The moon or super-moon was full last night November 14th. It was at its brightest and really put on a beautiful display.

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The moon, tonight
in the sky so bright
take away, take away

Blur my mind and eyesight
though I feel, in despite
take away, take away

Your light, magnifying
all my mind, clarifying
erasing, the horrifying

and too, a silly notion
spraying over the ocean
delicate, as a magic potion

Waves of light, unto me,
into the night, as I see,
take away, take away

Pouring over, basking
waiting on, ever lasting
silence all, that’s blasting

O moon in the sky, solidify
your bright light, rectify
and beautify, the world’s eye

In the world that is benight
Yours is giving one great light,
take away, take away

Filled with words, that incite
a solace and peace, foresight
and take away, take away


Fav Foto Friday


This is a photo of a harmless garter snake and was taken right outside my back door. It is a cooler spot from the heat where we love to sit under the shade trees. Our visitor seemed to be quite cozy in the brush. I was able to get close for a nice shot with my camera and he even flicked his tongue at me before he scurried off. I only hope that the snake pictured is a he. The females can have litters of up to 80.


Thanks to Scribbles & Musings for the inspiration

Developing Your Eye Day Six Solitude

Photography 1

The Rule of Thirds

No one lives here. It is quiet, serene, tranquil and with great possibilities of being alone.
As I snap this shot, the big blue sky swallows up my subject. The old barn that is the center and focus of my eye,
slowly becomes further away perfecting a spot of solitude.


Today, let’s capture solitude: the state of being alone, or a lonely and uninhabited place. What does this word look like to you?

Today’s Tip: Pay attention to the placement of your subject. As you frame your shot, consider the Rule of Thirds, which is a great introductory lesson in composition. Divide your shot into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so you get nine parts:

Place your subject at the intersections of these lines (or along them) to create a dynamic, off-center composition.

Developing Your Eye Day Five Connect

Photography 1


The photo taken is one of a bridge. It is a very old and run down bridge. Even so, the bridge is still doing what it was first built to do. As the pavement is peeling away the boards connected together are showing through in places. There is a warning sign to drivers approaching about the weight that the bridge will hold. Standing here taking this photograph I am made aware of how disconnected I am to the world and yet this very spot makes me feel more connected than ever.


Developing Your Eye Day Four Bliss

Photography 1

Add Captions

There are many moments that can be considered bliss. There are none more relevant than this. Not to me after the day I had. It might have been considered a bad day to some. A blown out tire on one of the hottest days during this summer. It could have been considered a disaster. It could have been worse. Instead all were well and everything worked out. The flowers were a nice touch, indeed.

On a hot summer day walking a trail of dust and spotting a patch of delicate blue flowers for a moment of bliss.

Developing Your Eye Day Three Water

Image Orientation

Continuing with ‘the home series’ my photograph was taken very close to where I live.
This is the view I see where when ever I leave my home or returning.
Even so, I do not take this beauty for granted and I never grow tired of the sight.



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It may not be noticeable but I was standing at a very odd spot off the road. My feet clutched the river bank tight to save myself from falling over the edge.