On This Day

My heart, filled with honor especially so, on today A day of dedication... A day of rememberance... It is just one single day. Indeed, not enough pay but something sent to them... a thought, a prayer, and then... Maybe a tear, it will flow for all the life we have known and it is, a thanks to them… Continue reading On This Day



In a storm of chaos, comes an unsettled wind Chimes... the fibers of my soul and my mind The song, it does sing is profound, give to me peace soothe me and comfort Will a voice to my ear whispering words of promise Jasmine scent fills the air and my eyes are wide open When… Continue reading Storming


Your Moon

Once, you set my sky with your stars, and your moon. Our bodies below them, in testament of our love. Your Sovereign, and most powerless on my knees. No rule. Nothing more than a dream. I faded into a non-existence. An existence created for me and you. Our love blown out, like a candle's burnt… Continue reading Your Moon