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Buttons Being Cheeky

Show us something cheeky this week! Kids, animals, faces in inanimate objects, amusing signs, funny juxtapositions — go find a little irreverence in your world.

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This pic.

Oh my.

What wonderful memories this brings back and so cheeky.

The above photo was taken years ago and better days for our little shih tzu.  What a wonderful memory. We traveled a lot over the years and what a trooper our little dog was. She was always ready to hit the highway. She is and always has been a complete doll.

In this photograph she has her lip curled and I could sense what was going on. As the picture was being taken, I decided to join in and mimic the bundle of cuteness going on in the back. It was funny then and we get a kick out of it every time we have a look.

Buttons is 17 years (119 in dog years). Every day now we count as a blessing and one more day we have with our tiny friend. She was much younger, as was I, in this picture. A family friend and companion, with us where ever we have gone.

It is so much fun to look through pictures and to find ones like this that bring back wonderful memories of joy.


Your December


Your December

Red Poinsettia adorning the hall
as white snow flakes begin to fall.
The music is sharp upon the ear.
Echos of laughter for all to hear.

It is that time again.
Winter is setting in.
Built with sweet memory.
Wishing to go back again.

Gum drops and sugar-coated,
Slices of orange candy.
One piece and a simple taste,
brings back everything.

A tiny rocker, a baby doll,
Divinity so perfectly peaked.
Cookies and fudge, a dinner divine,
Drinks, Be Marry! O Family of mine.

A huge tree every year for sure.
With difficulty getting in the door.
New decorations that sparkle and glow
with old ones too, from years long ago.

I miss those days, there is no doubt.
To have them here again and without
the worries, the woes that make up life.
Get on with it, be happy in spite!

Dinners and laughter it all came together
with gifts of love wrapped for each other.
Lights put up to dazzle the night.
Listen to carols…One Star, One Light.


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