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Welcome to Willowbeithe. I’m Cynthia!



Meet me under the willow tree
with worries of the mind.
What comes only in dreams,
will be, stamped with pen.
A journal bursting,
with words of no end.
Let the inner voice scream!
Silence the raging machine,
with strokes upon the keys.


There was a time fifty-two seemed incredibly old. Now that I am here, it’s not. Writing is a release. It’s not always comfortable or easy for me to share but something I am working through. Willowbeithe is where I can express my thoughts, pen a poem or display my favorite photographs. Just a place for art and creative expression, as any other personal blog.

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7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words about …and the Blind Shall See.
    I love the “return” policy that seems so inherent in this blogging world. As in you visit and then I can meander over to see your words and photos …and over my second cup of coffee this morning!

    Enjoyed your WP 201 poem today — but feel more compelled to comment on your About and the photo/title of your blog.

    Did not know the meaning of willow – so interesting to see this.

    More interesting, perhaps, is my perception of your blog title. I wonder if anyone else read it this way….Willow be I thee…. And what that says and the emotions within the letters when they are arranged this way. Beautiful, in my mind.

    Meander by again — so nice to meet you — and I shall call you Willow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 To be honest Beithe looks like Beth to me. As I listen to the pronunciation online, I realize it is not pronounced like Beth at all.

      I really like how you see it! Willow Be I Thee

      Willow is so often used for titles and names I wanted to spin it a bit and make it my own.

      I do hope you meander this way again 🙂

      It’s a pleasure to meet you!


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