Developing Your Eye Day Two Street

Establishing Shot

On day one the assignment for Developing Your Eye Photography 1 was to take a picture of what we saw as home. There is inspiration all around me where I live. Lucky for me I do not have to go far to find the perfect scene that says exactly what I am trying to say in a photograph. The assignments and the sort of photographs I normally focus on are working together. I’m inspired to group these photos together and name them ‘the home series’.

Day Two: Street


A street to me is not always concrete or with lights and traffic. Some would not call the above photograph a street at all. At one time this public thoroughfare was paved. There are no buildings in sight however, travel a little way on this ‘street’ and there are plenty of homes and farms to find.

The definition of street according to Wikipedia is the following: A street is a public thoroughfare (usually paved) in a built environment. It is a public parcel of land adjoining buildings in an urban context, on which people may freely assemble, interact, and move about. A street can be as simple as a level patch of dirt, but is more often paved with a hard, durable surface such as concrete, cobblestone or brick. Portions may also be smoothed with asphalt, embedded with rails, or otherwise prepared to accommodate non-pedestrian traffic.


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