Ground beneath my feet.
Bring life. Fertility.
Of your bosom. Summons.
Calling of thee. Stir.
Blessed Earth.

Nourish. Fruition.
Dirt in my nails.
Growth of all things.
Life to death.
Blessed Earth.

Hold my body to yours, firmly.
My feet touch to your ground.
Planted. Soil, nurtures, feeds.
Sow, work, planting seeds.
Blessed Earth.

Creatures of yours,
Squirm, roll, walk and crawl..
Giving life force, energy.
Nurtured. Growth. Live.
Blessed Earth.

Seasons echo, imitate yours
born in spring with all new life
warm and glowing for all..

Under the moon on summer night
green to yellow, red, and brown
when the earth turns to fall..

And die… with the cold again
in rest, until time to begin
Blessed Earth.

Photo by gabana